Being an entrepreneur means taking risks. We try to prevent big(ger) problems from arising. We have assisted many directors, shareholders, investors and banks in restructuring, turnaround, relaunch and bankruptcy. Where possible we avert (impending) financial difficulties. All this we do together with you, since knowledge of the branch and the company is crucial for success. We thoroughly adapt all our legal analyses to you, in the language you understand. Sometimes timely risk management is the appropriate route to the future. With this it’s a question of starting in good time but it is also intensive, especially in a situation where the stress is going to intensify dramatically on all fronts - now or shortly afterwards. It is of course also a process which requires mental resilience. Here the experience of Udink Advocaten is of great benefit. When things get stressful, we’re here for you. Our confidence and your self-belief are then key.

A liquidator can hold you, as director, personally liable for example for mismanagement, selective payments or fraudulent acts. We ourselves are regularly appointed as liquidators by the court, so we know exactly how things work and are therefore able to hold substantive, productive discussions with the liquidator. Also in a court case this can make a crucial difference. We are specialized in defending the entrepreneur who is held liable after the fact.

Where we can make a difference for you:

- (The method of) reorganization and restructuring your business

- Examining options for relaunch

- Requesting pre pack, suspension of payments or bankruptcy

- Directors’ liability issues

- Execution of securities, such as pledges

- Fraudulent acts and selective payments.

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