Udink Advocaten is the company lawyer for architects, project developers and various other entrepreneurs involved in real estate. Why? Because we do not immediately come with legal arguments, but with practical and to-the-point advice which can be directly used in the decision-making process. Further legal explanation is naturally always available, but only if this is needed.

Under property law falls both construction and procurement law, and tenancy law. Therefore we advise tenants as well as landlords.

For project development we can assess the corresponding – often extensive – contracts or help you with (arbitrage) proceedings. And all without piles of paper, but definitely with our recognisable added value.

We would be glad to assist you in the following areas:

- Project development contracts and financing

- Agreements with local authorities

- Rental and lease contracts

- Bank financing and securities

- Mutual agreements between the builder and the developer

- Leasehold liabilities and deeds of transfer

Do you have a question or can we already help you now? Call or mail us or ask your question via our Entrepreneurs’ Platform.

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