Labour law is undergoing huge development. This makes it exciting for us, but it quickly becomes complicated for you. We can clarify it for you and – if you act in good time – prevent problems. Udink Advocaten negotiates, litigates and advises in the area of labour law, particularly for employers but also sometimes for employees/ board members. This ensures a broad perspective on labour law disputes. And the client always profits from this. It’s about conflict management and finding creative solutions.

As a rule, requesting legal help in good time prevents many problems; and with labour law even more so. This already starts with the employment contract. The more the contract is thought through, the more misunderstandings can be avoided. And with a good performance appraisal system better dossiers can be built up. These are all aspects which can really be of help, to you and to us, should a court case occur. Nowadays the law also requires an extensive and up-to-date performance review dossier. A few examples of what we can further do for you:

- Individual employment contracts

- Performance appraisal systems

- Collective labour agreements

- Individual and collective dismissal/redundancies

- Reorganizations and examining the composition of the workforce

- Competition and non-solicitation clauses

- Right to be consulted and right of consent with works council and other representative bodies
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If you, as employee, are in a dispute with your employer or if such a dispute is imminent, you will probably first look to see whether you can settle the dispute together. We will then negotiate with your employer and do our best to reach the best possible solution. We always try to place the costs with your employer, even if the dispute does end up going to court.

Make sure you seek help in good time. Current labour law does have several time limits in place. If these time limits expire, you will probably no longer be entitled to reimbursement of costs. So don’t wait too long and call or mail us for initial advice. This gives not only insight, but often also the necessary peace of mind.

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