A healthy business is quickly worth a good sum of money. But its value also lies in areas that you may not have thought about. Take for example your trade name, domain name and the brands of your products. These are extremely valuable for your company. Reason enough to properly protect these intellectual property rights and to take action as soon as competitors try to hitch a ride on the back of your success. It can work the other way around of course: a competitor who feels that you are hitching a ride on the back of his success. In both cases we can help.

Prevention (read: preventing court action) is best for everyone. It begins with solid advice about the protection of your intellectual property and agreements in the area of, among others, licences, franchisees and confidentiality. And if things do end up in court proceedings, you can count on our extensive experience. We have already achieved multiple successes in proceedings in the area of (infringement of) intellectually property rights.

Alongside intellectual property law, ICT law – which is related to intellectual property law – also deserves attention. At all levels:

Software (licence) contracts and turnkey agreements, but also design of your website and webshop, current privacy guidelines and electronic contracting.

- Copyright
- Brands
- Design rights
- Patent rights
- Domain name rights
- Trade name rights
- Franchise agreements
- (Software) licences
- Privacy regulations
- Electronic contracts
- Website and webshop rights

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