Are you familiar with those lengthy contracts full of unimportant details? It’s quite striking that despite the length of such contracts, the essential issues and risks are frequently overlooked and often not properly covered. When we review these sorts of contracts for you we keep on asking questions, so that we can incorporate exactly the elements that are necessary for you. No more, and certainly no less.

Our colleagues are regularly appointed as liquidators, so we see the consequences of poor contracts. Omitting a single sentence (about the claimability of a debt, the applicability of general conditions, an essential retention of title clause, and so forth) can have crucial consequences. We recognise the risks and make sure that your contracts and general conditions are water tight. What’s more, we advise you not only on drafting new contracts, but are also happy to help you with the (re)assessment of your existing agreements and general conditions. There’s nothing more dangerous than blindly signing an agreement drawn up by your contract partner (bank or supplier) or – worse still- copying it for your own use.

A few examples of what we can do for you:

- Analysis of your contracts and models

- Review of your general conditions

- Checking whether everything fits together in your contracts (contract scan)

- Timely applying the brakes if you wish to terminate a contract

- Breaking open existing agreements, no “automatic” contract extension

Do you have a question or can we already help you now? Call or mail us or ask your question via our Entrepreneurs’ Platform.

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