Entrepreneurship is challenging and exciting. So taking risks is an integral part of it. Not only do we at Udink Advocaten have a large amount of knowledge of company law, but also broad interest in the business world and in your branch. We can think with you like no other about the risks involved in entrepreneurship. And perhaps more importantly: we can anticipate them.

Doing business has an enjoyable dynamic and your company is constantly changing. But laws, regulations and legal possibilities also change over time. Therefore it is a good idea to legally examine the important moments in your company’s timeline. The foundation of the company, a merger, take over or reorganization, on all such occasions it’s recommended to seek legal advice. We can advise you within a broad framework, among other things through our collaboration with specialised fiscal experts. A few examples:

- Advising on medium-sized mergers and take overs

- Guidance in establishing and unbundling complex company law structures

- Assessment of financing constructions and securities

- Drafting and assessment of shareholder agreements and management agreements

- Drafting and assessment of general conditions

- Drafting of collaboration agreements

- Collection from debt portfolios

Consumer law
Whether or not you’re aware of it, as entrepreneur you often come into contact with consumer law. There are still many misconceptions in this area: what are you as entrepreneur allowed to do and not allowed to do? In the field of consumer law we can answer all your questions concerning issues with clients, the content of your general conditions, and so forth.

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