We see with our clients that entrepreneurship has an enjoyable dynamic. Companies are continually changing, with all the opportunities and risks this entails. But also laws, regulations and legal possibilities are constantly changing. And this is what we’re here for.

Because we know our clients and their branches so well, we know exactly when we need to advise, guide or warn. Proactively of course. We prefer to guide the entrepreneur in all their concerns and problems. This is a constant process and that is why we are so interested in the law for entrepreneurs. This is where the ‘GP’ role of Udink Advocaten comes into its own. In fact we are a kind of helpdesk for large and medium businesses. But we also have a help desk for starters and start-ups. We want to be there for our clients and we’re only a phone call or e-mail away... Read more
We support our clients throughout their whole legal lives. From cradle to grave so to speak. We ensure, largely together, that everything goes as well as possible. But sometimes things do go wrong. In such cases we try to avoid larger problems and to deflect (impending) financial difficulties. We do this through reorganization. We are able to do this better than any other, precisely because we so frequently see how it can go wrong. A rescue structure is complex and needs to be designed plenty of time in advance. But then there is at least a clear prospect of survival.

Sometimes however, things ultimately result in bankruptcy. A liquidator can then hold you or your supervisory directors liable. Since we regularly act as liquidators, we know exactly how things work. In all these situations a good relationship really pays off. Not only because we have knowledge of your business and company. There is nothing more difficult than defending yourself against blame after the fact. But we’re good at this, precisely because we understand why things turned out the way they did... Read more
Employees are valuable and indispensable capital. Labour law is therefore in a continual process of development. Interesting for us, but for you things can quickly become complicated. It starts with a sound contract, after which it is important to build up a good dossier. After all, every misunderstanding can lead to a labour dispute. This demands a lot of energy and also causes unease on the work floor. And so, also in this area we prefer to focus on what can do well. Especially because it’s about (your own) people.

It can also happen that you have to implement a reorganization. This involves large numbers of people and has its own dynamic. We are specialized in this and recognize the tensions which can arise with the unions, the works council (OR) and the Employee’s Insurance Administration (UWV)... Read more
We see them all too often: unnecessarily lengthy contracts full of unimportant details. And despite their length, essential points and important risks are still not covered sufficiently. More often than not you won’t notice this. But we do. More importantly still: when we negotiate contracts, we keep on asking questions, until we know precisely what is necessary for you. Our broad experience as liquidator for example has taught us the importance of ensuring that contracts and general terms and conditions are thoroughly watertight.

New and existing contracts. A contract is in fact always tailor-made, even though clients often think that there are models. But if you look for the differences, you’ll see that some very useful things are possible. You have the right to customization, to protect you as much as possible against future setbacks... Read more
The game Stratego can sometimes be quite informative: together with the client you set up the players’ field and look at each other’s position. Pragmatism and focus on the future, that’s what we’re about. It’s the ideal way to start thinking with banks, other financial institutions and entrepreneurs about, for example, the scope of financiers’ duty of care or to advise on more complex financing constructions. Also here the greater aim is prevention rather than cure.

Every financing project - however small - must be customized and a danger often lurks in a small corner. It is dangerous to work with models which just roll out of the banking system and whole sections of which you can’t understand... Read more
Every day we see how hard people work in our country. They innovate, construct, invest. So what exactly is, after years of hard work, the total value of your company? The value lies in far more than just the bank balance. Consider for example your company name, domain name and the brands of your products. These all have value, so reason enough to properly protect them. And to make sure that competitors don’t try to hitch a ride on the back of your success. We have often been successful in preventing others from running off with the rights of our clients.

You are often faced with long and incomprehensible IT contracts. There’s nothing more complicated than a dispute arising from the development of software or another IT solution for you. It applies also here that a lawyer who knows you and your branch well will be more quickly able to find a solution. A legally technical approach is often too slow. Sometimes an escalation is the shortest route... Read more
There are branches where a practical to-the-point answer is valued more than legal and theoretical considerations. Especially since decision-making happens quickly and every delay costs money. This is perhaps the reason why we are the company lawyer for many architects, project developers and other businesses who have to deal with property law. We are happy to give advice, but only where necessary.

In the real estate sector all different disciplines come together, which makes practising law all the more appealing. The involvement of the government, financiers, investors, users and constructors create a dynamic where societal experience really counts. And it’s at this cross-roads that we begin. This is where our added value is most visible... Read more
If we are to believe Hollywood or the gossip magazines, lawyers only shine when they’re in court. For us, preferably not. Our gain – and so yours too – comes primarily from preventing court cases. It saves so much time, which you would prefer to invest in your company. Therefore we make good agreements in advance and when problems do arise we quickly search for a creative solution or a reasonable settlement. And if we do have to go to court, we do it with focus and drive. This is where the profit lies. For you.

Naturally we don’t avoid necessary escalations. But these must be able to lead to a solution and not to needless degeneration and years of burden for the client... Read more

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