At Udink Advocaten the solution comes first – and not the legal problem. If we can solve a problem quickly and without using legal means, then that’s what we do.

The origins of many problems are not of a legal nature. The legal problem is often the result of a situation which has reached a deadlock. Conflict management or escalation and communication are therefore just as important skills for reaching a solution as knowledge of the law. The key is to – at the right time – combine both of these.

With us, the client won’t hear long, drawn out stories which he can take in any direction he likes. We offer clarity.

Among lawyers it is common to speak about “the case” rather than “the client”. Some lawyers can be more interested – for their own reasons – in the profound legal questions than in finding a good, quick solution in the interest of the client. At Udink Advocaten we only want to provide solutions which deal with your problem as fully as possible.