The area in which Udink Advocaten operates is exceptionally broad. We are not confined to technical specialisms.

We want to be at the heart of society. We want to be at the heart of the business world. Wherever the entrepreneurs are, that’s where we are. We want to support the entrepreneur in everything he comes across on a daily basis. At Udink Advocaten we are a generalist who acts as a kind of ‘GP’ for the entrepreneurs. The entrepreneur often needs advice in every area, in which case it’s useful if he can put every question to one single point of contact. Udink Advocaten has a great deal of specialist knowledge in-house, but also works with a large group of professionals who can answer specialist questions – which do not often arise – for you. We take care of this process, just as the GP consults with the specialist. Every problem is considered in its societal context and only from there is an (alternative) solution sought.

Marc Udink and other experienced lawyers pass on a great deal of their societal experience on a day-to-day basis to the other lawyers, and again and again succeed in forming professional teams which where necessary work together (internally and externally) towards a solution. At the end of this process the client has his solution and the younger lawyers the essential opportunity to deliver their own added value to a client. In this way the (younger) lawyers at Udink Advocaten develop from lawyer to adviser and confidant.

Udink Advocaten is not a “Zuid-as” firm and does not handle large-scale mergers or takeovers. Our tariffs are within the normal range and we work for large and medium businesses and institutions throughout the country. Our area of work is in no way restricted to the region of The Hague; rather, we work throughout the entire Randstad area and, depending on the added value we can offer, across the whole country.