Welcome to our website. Here you can read about our working practice and the areas of law in which we can advise and assist you. Since the office carries my name, I would like to tell you more about my vision and approach. Over the past 25 years I have grown Udink Advocaten to what it is today: a law firm with character and distinctive features. Let me explain this a little further.

My promise to clients is, together with my colleagues, to navigate them through the legal jungle. In doing this I never work from the side lines, but rather I am often seen as a vital sounding board for the directors or entrepreneur. With my background and experience I’m able to join in the discussions around any table or in the board room. Broad legal knowledge and experience is crucial for this, just as understanding of your problem and knowledge of your branch.

For me, the nature and severity of the problem always come before the question of whether it’s an interesting case. We have both feet firmly on the ground: to put it simply, the problem must be solved effectively. Whatever is complicated, we’ll make it simple. This mentality connects our clients to us and vice versa. I have an ongoing relationship with all our clients and, whenever they wish or if it is necessary, we have good discussions.

We view our assignments from a wide societal perspective. This is also the way I train my colleagues. I always say to my colleagues: make it work. This is therefore also the mentality that you will encounter with us: a generalised view on matters with a specialist solution. With the promise that you’ll always receive a fast and to-the-point answer.

I warmly invite you to come and find out more.

Marc Udink

mr. Marc C. Udink

Partner corporate law, liquidator